CFCC is a church on mission. We are a community of people who confess their brokenness, and proclaim their need for a savior. We seek to glorify the Lord with every waking moment of our lives. This is the overarching vision for the people of Christ’s church.

our mission

The mission of CFCC is to cultivate fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ who are engaged in Christ-centered worship, stewardship, and relationships.

our vision

Cy-Fair Christian Church seeks to be a community of Jesus's followers whose highest purpose is to glorify God in every area of life.

our strategy

There are 3 ways that we accomplish this:

INVITE: Our hope is that the people and ministries of CFCC would be INVITING—that the aroma of Christ would draw you in and you consider making this your spiritual home. We welcome you to join us in Christ-centered worship on Sundays and throughout the week.

ENGAGE: We strive to create environments that are conducive to disciple-making. We believe the gospel is meant to be lived out in community. Therefore we encourage our faith family to ENGAGE in Christ-centered relationships. If you're ready to engage with our community, join a Life Group!

INSPIRE: There is no finish line when it comes to our faith. The church pew is not a landing pad, rather it is a launching pad out into the world where believers share the extravagant love of Jesus with those who do not know him. We pray that everything that happens at CFCC would INSPIRE you to live out the gospel in your everyday life. Find out more about how you can start serving at CFCC.